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The Acoustic Windshield Installation, Technology and its Benefits

The acoustic interlayer auto glass windshield has excellent features that are ideal in significantly reducing the noise in the vehicle’s interior. Installing an acoustic windshield gives the driver and the passengers a more comfortable and enjoyable ride where they can converse quietly.

How exactly does the acoustic windshield technology work and is it worth to install it in your vehicle?

The Acoustic Windshield Technology

Engineers in the auto industry are doing their best to improve the comfort in the vehicles. The acoustic windshield is a successful technology and has achieved its purpose of reducing the noise of the vehicle’s interior considerably. Normally, there are several sources of noise transmission in a vehicle and they include:

acoustic interlayer windshield

  • Noise from traffic and the surrounding environment
  • Sound of winds and air-pressure fluctuations against the windshield at higher speed
  • Noise from the engine compartment
  • Road surface noise and vibration, often transmitted through the vehicle’s body
  • Noise from the impinging air on the vehicle’s edges of its body panel

Increasing the thickness of the glass can also reduce the noise in a car’s interior but this will also add more weight to the vehicle.

This is why the acoustic interlayer auto glass windshield is highly reliable. The windshield has acoustic vinyl interlayers which allow car designers to reduce the glass thickness and still have a quieter interior. Reducing weight improves the vehicle’s fuel efficiency.

The acoustic windshield can reduce up to 3 dB (decibel) which is good enough to make your vehicle quieter. The windshield meets all federal safety standards just like any regular vinyl. They are effective especially in the frequency range of between 1500 Hz and 5000 Hz.

Benefits Of The Acoustic Interlayer Auto Glass

Acoustic vinyl has several other benefits and is effective when installed on door glass to further reduce the noise in the vehicle’s interior. Other benefits include:

  • Deters break-ins and theft. Acoustic interlayer or laminated windshield and door windows are hard to break and take longer to smash. The layer holds the glass firmly in its place and gives you time to call for help or chase away the thief in case there is a
  • break-in attempt.
  • Improved health. Acoustic interlayer allows the transmission of lower ultraviolet light and provides relief to those people with melanoma condition.
  • Reduces weight and improves fuel efficiency. Laminated windows allow the windows to maintain the same thickness while reducing noise and improving fuel efficiency.
  • Protects the driver and passengers in case of glass breakage. The acoustic vinyl layer provides a firm barrier and protects the glass shards from falling inwards when the windows break in case of an accident.
  • Interior protection. Laminated windows enable lower UV transmission and this protects the car interior from excessive color fading.

With all these benefits, the answer is ‘Yes’, installing an acoustic windshield in your car is worth it.

What You Should Know When Installing Soundscreen Windshields

When planning to install an acoustic windshield, it is important you do it with caution. It is not easy to know if the windshield is indeed laminated or has ‘acoustic vinyl layer’. Some are labeled as ‘Soundscreen’ or simply as ‘A’ while there are those with no label at all. It is also important to take into consideration the original design of the vehicle while installing or replacing the auto glass. Your installer should ensure that the replacement and the original application are consistent.

For more information on the acoustic interlayer auto glass windshield installation and replacement, contact Texas windshield Service in McKinney. With highly experienced and trustworthy professionals, we are the ideal choice and we have a lot to offer on acoustic windshield technology.